Editing and creating sites

From this page you can edit and control the home page of this site or, if you are creating a bigger site, this subsite

If you are using a trial site which has not been purchased then although the site is live on the web, only you will be able to see it. Other people will see a message to say it is not accessible

Each toplevel site must have a unique name. For bigger sites using subsites, each subsite may have names that match with other subsites, but it is advisable to make it so that subsites have distinguishable names to make it easier for users to navigate

We also encourage you to add a logo to your site. You can upload a picture from your computer to Notanant for your site by clicking Browse... . The image is automatically rescaled, but if you do use a big image (for instance straight from a digital camera) it can take some time to upload to your page and we advise shrinking the size of the picture before you upload

What you put on the page is split into two parts - the leading paragraph or summary and the main content. This allows the leading paragraph to be styled for maximum impact. The main content is the bulk of the text on the page

If you have an up-to-date browser you can edit your page using the WYSIWYG HTML editor which will allow you to do things such as change the text colour or add links. To see the full options for the editor click the little downarrow.

In addition to text on the page, you can also add dynamic Notanant components to make your page more interesting. These could be as simple as images that you have uploaded through site resources and use a %%image code, or more complex components such as %%topics which will show the topics or %%calendar which will add your site calendar to the page. For more information on the latest available components please go to the main Notanant help section

If you are referencing an external website add this name in the relevant box. If you wish to use the site with your own domain name (eg www.yourname.com), enter the domain name in the box and contact us so we can set it so that www.yourname.com shows your pages on Notanant

Finally, if you wish to take your site off-line, so it can't be seen choose the options at the bottom