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Consumer research

Consumer research is often the first thought when thinking about survey systems. For Cxoice it is one of the uses available providing links in and out to panel providers for fast turnaround surveys, and in providing advanced question types such as conjoint-analysis for more in-depth research. Cxoice is platform neutral, so we do not favour any particular panel provider and can be integrated with any preferred supplier.

Most consumer research relies on simple point-and-click surveys often starting with a questionnaire in Word that then has to be scripted. In Cxoice we encourage users to work 'straight to screen' using the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator as this takes away the need for a specialist scripter, and allows writers of the questionnaire to experience the survey live as they write and test. The result is surveys that get written faster, but that are also better quality because participant experience is part of the writing process.

For volume consumer research teams, Cxoice can be customised to a standard design, and our Questionnaire Wizard system can be configured to house-style to speed up the creation of standardised surveys using standardised question types. Cxoice is also project and knowledge management orientated allowing teams to work together across projects and with permission-controlled internal client access for documents, results and feedback.

Cxoice includes automated tabulation and presentation creation in addition to dashboards for ongoing or tracking surveys, greatly speeding up the turn around of consumer studies, while monitoring tools offer the ability to ensure data quality during fieldwork to spot and remove rogue respondents or to catch survey issues as they arise.

Cxoice output includes live-date reporting with instant drill-downs, wordclouds, significance testing and subgroup display. All output can be filtered to produce instant output for regional teams without needing to create new reports. Our online surveys can also be copied and pasted into Word, Excel and Powerpoint directly.

All Cxoice surveys, from the free, basic questionnaires, include multipage format, filters, routing and text substitution and can be fully tailored for look and feel. For advanced users, Cxoice includes advanced trade-off research and choice-research techniques like conjoint analysis. It also includes a number of innovative question types like click-to-rank, volume hotcold ratings (thumbs-up, thumbs-down), menu-driven or non-linear surveys where consumers choose how much or how little of the survey is relevant to them, brand stars, anchored scales and other innovative methods. We develop research tools, not just questionnaires.


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