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Make a Cxoice

survey and insight management platforms to do surveys better

Full-featured, end-to-end insights, testing and reporting

Cxoice makes it easy to gather data and insight - via questionnaires and forms that work online, as web-overlays or by phone, and includes project management, client areas, so it scales from simple projects to full-team needs.

You choose - as much or as little as you need, when you need it, where you need it.


Smarter question types and real world integration

Build more insightful surveys with better, more visual, question types and real-world integration with web-overlays for real use-case testing.

Start now with our online, free Questionnaire Creator without needing to sign up or download software.

Or if you have an account Sign in to get to your Project Area.


More efficient with rapid design and automated analysis

Deliver more insights in less time creating questionnaires and forms faster, with automated analysis and presentations that connect to data for live-data drill-downs.

The data insight platform that works for individuals, agencies, and end-clients - Cxoice Insight Systems from


End-to-end research platform for all styles of research

Cxoice works offline, online and by phone providing a complete data collection and survey platform, from design, to sample or panel management, fieldwork (including with interviewers if needed), quotas, monitoring and reporting

Modern question types and web-overlay integration

Do surveys better with modern question types like thumbs-up thumbs-down ratings, stickers and card sorts, use self-serve menu-based designs and integrate surveys into real online environments with web-overlays that integrate questions and ratings on top of real websites.

Flexible project management for more than just surveys

Add team members with role-based access. Add documents, external data, dates and alerts and run full business projects, not just data collection and surveys. Cxoice for end-to-end insight management.

Rapid design tools and automation for efficiency

Create questionnaires, forms and surveys instantly with our open-access online editor. Test them, share them and work directly to screen for flow and participant experience. Build reports and presentations straight from the data for instant data turnaround

Start using Cxoice now. Write your questionnaire. Publish it. Collect responses. Analyze and report. And deliver.

For agencies and larger companies, contact us to find out how a private-server solution can solve your research and insight needs.


Cxoice Insight Systems from

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