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Content for Cxoice Software for Research

  • Why Cxoice?
  • Cxoice Survey Systems gives you instant questionnaires and forms for use in surveys or other forms of data collection, on-line or offline.

    Build a questionnaire instantly with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator with no need to sign up or register, and no software to install, just click and start building.

  • Products
  • The Cxoice Insight Platform is available as on a subscription basis for individual users, as individual tools for areas such as weboverlay and conjoint allowing it to be used along side existing platforms, or as a private-server solution for agencies and larger businesses running multiple projects, without limits on users or completes. For researchers working on individual projects, we can offer a full 'DP' service to script and run your survey using Cxoice's unique toolset.

    Anyone can create and edit a questionnaire instantly with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator with no need to sign up or register, and no software to install. Cxoice is efficient because you can design straight-to-screen, instead of using a Word document, and share the questionnaire designs freely for collaborative working and testing, cutting out scripting and data processing steps from your design process.

  • Examples
  • Test working questionnaire examples in Cxoice and view and edit the working questionnaire definition file, which can be opened directly in the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator (live editor with no software to install), adjusted and re-tested with your own amendments and additions. Freely edit and test the questionnaire designs and try out Cxoice.

  • How to...
  • Everything from getting started with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator, to detailed nuts and bolts of advanced question types, formulae, setting up sample, adding projects, creating interviewer log-ins, creating client log-ins to automated analysis and presentations.

    If you can't find an answer in our Cxoice 'How to...' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), send us a message for individual help and support on questionnaire design and insight management with Cxoice.

  • Uses...
  • Cxoice is a universal end-to-end survey platform that can be used for online, phone and offline surveys, in addition to call-centre management and onsite questionnaires and forms. For simple surveys, just send out a link to invite people to take part. For more advanced users, Cxoice can be used with any sample panel providers for consumer research with URL links, or can be used with uploaded sample and ID-controlled access where confidentiality is required.

  • About
  • marketing research stand Cxoice Insight Software is extendable end-to-end survey system for collecting, analysing, reporting and sharing data from market research and market intelligence, from basics to advanced users, companies and teams.


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