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Content for Cxoice Software for Research


Cxoice was developed because market research needed a survey system that did all the basics, but specifically needed to be able to create advanced types of questions, such as conjoint analysis, and different ways of doing surveys and collecting data.

The articles in this section provides real questionnaire examples to provide illustrations of what Cxoice can do, while also providing the working questionnaire definition that can be opened in the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor, so you can experiment to get the surveys and data capture that you want.

How to...

Everything from getting started to detailed nuts and bolts of advanced question types, formulae, setting up sample, adding projects, creating interviewer log-ins, creating client log-ins to automated analysis and presentations.

About marketing research stand Cxoice Insight Software is a modular set of software for collecting, analysing, reporting and sharing date from market research and market intelligence, from basics to advanced users, companies and teams.

Cxoice evolved out of in-house software development used by for research projects that went beyond standard point-and-click type surveys. These included conjoint and trade-off research, web and ecommerce mock ups, and techniques like web-assisted telephone interviewing, and non-linear/self-service questionnaires.