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Questions and queries about Cxoice in action.

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I want to create a quotation calculator form for my website. Can I use Cxoice for this, or is it surveys only?

Cxoice will create standalone HTML forms that can be added to any website. Build the quotation calculations in Cxoice then choose the save to HTML option. The file you create can be added to your website for your users and is completely separate from Cxoice. If you do need to save the details of the quote on your system, you will need a 'data collector' script from us. Let us know.

How does routing work? I can't see the options for skips when editing a question?

Cxoice uses 'pages' to control the flow through a questionnaire as routing is calculated when a page is completed. The 'Add a page break' option will give you the options for skip patterns and routes. You can add multiple routing commands (the last true command is what is used for the skip). Skip to a question name, or use plus with a number (eg +2) to skip a number of pages ahead.

I'm designing a questionnaire but where do I get options about sample or panel links

The sample and panel link options are part of the project set-up when you 'Publish' the questionnaire along with options for monitoring, reporting and other options depending on the type of survey you are doing. Cxoice allows you to create a questionnaire directly without needing to sign in or create and account. This means you can share a questionnaire file (use Save...) with people like clients or reviewers without needing to have them as part of your project. It is part of our philosophy of 'work to screen' when designing questionnaires so as to get a better participant experience.

How do I export the questionnaire into Word?

In Cxoice it's actually easier than export. Select the 'Print/Copyable' option from the Questionnaire Creator, then use 'Select All' (Ctrl-A), Copy (Ctrl-C) and then paste it straight into a new Word document (Ctrl-V). Copy and paste can also be used to take data from the survey monitor into Excel.

You can also use copy and paste to copy text from Word into Cxoice, but only question-by-question. However, one little trick is that lists of possible responses can be copied and Cxoice will convert them into individual code lines - paste the list into the open last code line and Cxoice will create the list.

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