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Cxoice - Software for Research

survey and insight management systems

Break the boundaries - Cloud-based survey software with built-in Insight management - web, CATI, offline with project management, client areas, live-data reporting, conjoint analysis and more. You choose - as much or as little as you need, when you need it, where you need it. Cxoice Survey Technologies from

Cxoice Software For Research redefines how you collect data - anywhere, anytime. Go beyond scales and tick-boxes. Build in choices and trade-offs. Stop forcing answers, and get customers to tell you what is important to them.

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Cxoice gives full-suite of survey options. From free software designer for simple surveys and offline use, to high-powered online options including conjoint, and professional agency CATI with interviewer and sample management.

And then tie it in to projects, teams for insight knowledge management and data sharing. Presentations that connect to data for live-data drill-downs with models and What ifs.

Stop doing surveys. Start discovering insights.


Cxoice Survey Technologies from