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Customer Communities for Customer Experience development

Cxoice can be incorporated into a complete customer experience platform, including customer communities, and customer knowledge management. Cxoice is based on a membership management platforms and can be integrated with existing CRM, or used directly as a CRM platform.

Cxoice for community management

The Cxoice Survey System is built on top of Notanant's membership-based community and knowledge management platform. This gives Cxoice capabilities that go beyond just data collection, and into areas such as online self-serve community management, including membership, sign-ups, log-in and facilities for customer communities including forums and help systems, or as a full blown CRM platform.

For market research communities, or customer panel building Cxoice includes hooks for on-boarding, member-access and log-in and permission-controlled member-only areas and includes tools for subscription management, calendars and events, and communication tools. The panel service is an example of how Cxoice can be used as a community platform.

Cxoice as a sales management platform

The community management, plus permission-based access, and structured customer knowledge management facilities mean that Cxoice has the capabilities to act as a complete sales platform for consumers or B2B markets, holding information about customers and prospects, details of key contacts and leads and information and knowledge about customer businesses and preferences. This customer knowledge can then be used to drive sales calls and research to deepen working relationships.

Cxoice - the potential to integrate e-commerce

The Notanant underpinnings also brings capabilities for e-commerce and direct online sales, creating the possibilities of a full end-to-end sales platform from prospecting, to sales, to post sales feedback and repeat purchasing all in one place.

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