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Customer surveys

Customer surveys are one of the most common business uses for market research, particularly for understanding customer satisfaction and quality of service. Cxoice makes it easy to create customer research surveys, starting with our Questionnaire Wizard. For advanced users, you can look at our menu-based surveys where the customer chooses which sections to answer. You can even add a Cxoice survey to your website for onsite feedback.

To build a customer survey, you need two things. The questionnaire you want to ask, and a way of reaching your customers. The questionnaire can be created quickly and easily using the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator's Questionnaire Wizard, then published online.

All you then need to do is reach out to your customers. The easiest way is send out emails with a link to the survey (for reasons of spam-blocking Cxoice doesn't send out invites) and wait for the responses to come in.

Advanced users often want to control who is allowed to respond to the survey. In which case Cxoice offers ID-controlled access with unique links per customer. This can also be used to tie-in customer data to the survey to save re-asking questions you already know.

For B2B customers, email outreach can be tricky, so Cxoice also supports telephone surveys where interviewers make contact with customers for more in-depth discussions. Cxoice provides a full web-assist option, so interviewers can show ideas and concepts while talking to the customer for fuller discussions.

For those whose customers come through websites, Cxoice surveys can be added to your website without needing the whole Cxoice system. And our advanced users can use Cxoice to create survey-overlays on existing web-pages without needing web-site recoding for testing or developing the websites themselves.

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