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Employee engagement

Large companies rely on being a good place to work in order to attract and retain the best staff and talent. The processes for ensuring employees are treated well and engaged while also contributing to organisational success are often key elements in ensuring that customers are also satisfied. Cxoice provides options for employee feedback either through surveys, or by self-managed feedback with summary dashboards and flag-systems.

Employees represent the business, and so the surveys and feedback to and from employees should also reflect the business in tone, look and feel, but also in the responsiveness to the responses given. There is no value in gathering information if it ends up in a black-hole and is not acted on.

Cxoice's Questionnaire Creator makes it easy to create feedback forms, surveys and tests and quizzes for training purposes on a self-serve, an invite, or an event-driven basis. Cxoice surveys can be fully customised to look and feel requirements, and run standalone within an existing Intranet, or as a full Cxoice system dedicated to the business.

For advanced users, the forms can be linked to existing internal systems and applications including for compliance and monitoring purposes with monitor-based validation or 'comments on comments' within a HR management process.

Since responsiveness is extremely important, Cxoice has live-data dashboards for real-time monitoring of the feedback systems and can flag alerts or escalation issues if required.

Dashboards include permission controlled access, with filtering controls that enable data to be shared at the right level. For instance, by site, by region or overall depending on the access level of the person reviewing the data. Automated reported tools help managers see key action points, and can be augmented by AI-based summaries.

Cxoice is a fully customisable and scalable system, and can be modified to the precise needs of the organisation as a private on-prem or cloud-based platform.

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