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Executive edition

Create live online surveys to collect data from customers and consumers. Build the survey with the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor , then publish it to the web, where you can send links or connect it to an internet panel.

Get instant tabulations, and live-data reporting as standard. Monitor and control access via unique IDs and quota controls. Cxoice keeps project files, documents and allows team access with permission control.

The Executive Edition includes an online account and a limited number of project areas for managing multiple surveys depending on the subscription level.

Build the survey with the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor, then publish it to your account where you can continue to edit and amend the survey, including testing it online, with shared test links for your team or piloting.

Add sample, or IDs and set the survey to live, where it can be used to link with online panels or as part of an email outreach. Monitor the survey live for data quality, completions, quotas and live frequency counts.

Create instant reports for tabulations and charting, and build live-data presentations to share and disseminate the results.

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