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Linking with panels

With Cxoice it is easy to link to market research panel providers such as Dynata, Kantar or Prolific as Cxoice will read in panel IDs automatically and can link back out to the panel with outcome codes. If required, preset IDs can be set up to ensure that only valid participants can complete the survey.

Linking to panels is applicable to online survey use, so you need to have created your questionnaire and uploaded it into your project area.  Under survey settings you have options to say what the 'panel id variable' is called. For instance the panel provider will link to the survey using a URL such as Here 'pid' is the panel id variable, and its value would be 123456789.

Cxoice will record the incoming panel id variable (and check it is valid if Check IDs has been set). Then, when the survey is completed Cxoice will link to a results URL with the original pid and an outcome code appropriate to the panel provider.

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