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Membership surveys

Voluntary organisations such as sports or charities are mostly membership-based. The members set the direction for the organisation and the organisation provides services to those members. For small clubs or organisations, a show of hands is often sufficient, but as the club or organisation grows it becomes more difficult to engage directly with members. This is where a member-poll and member-feedback can help. Cxoice makes it easy to create and test new ideas, take votes, or to gather members opinions and feedback.

Small and voluntary organisations often have financial limits in terms of the tools they have access to - such as Google Forms. Cxoice can make your feedback systems faster and friendlier, with low cost options for small groups, including community management tools via our sister product Notanant that include membership, calendars and content systems and forums in addition to surveys.

Quickly create a survey or voting options with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator, and send members a link. Cxoice offers permission controlled access both to the survey and to the results, enabling you to share data and findings in addition to the survey itself.

For larger organisations, Cxoice can be set up to send out 'heartbeat' surveys for annual check ups to ensure members needs are being met providing dashboards of results to help keep the organisation on track.

Cxoice can also be used to test new services or new ideas among members, and used iteratively - one test after another - can be used for community co-creation to build better member-led services.

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