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Privacy policy and terms of use

Cxoice Insight Software is provided by market research. All content on this site, including code, tools, designs and algorithms is copyright and may not be copied, reproduced or replicated in part or entirety without express permission of (contact us at

Privacy and cookies

Your privacy is important to us.

We don't like 'privacy by form-filling', consequently we aim to ensure your visit to our website is anonymous, unless you specifically identify yourself to us.

By default your visit to us is treated as anonymous unless you specifically identify yourself by registering or logging in or signing up for an account. uses cookies to help with navigation that are technically required and stored with your browser, but no third party cookies and no trackers. Cxoice also stores data connected to questionnaires and surveys within the data store on your web-browser - this is a technical and functional requirement of the software. Nothing in the data store is passed back to our surveys unless you have an account and explicitly 'save to server'. Consequently any data stored when building a questionnaire remains entirely private to you.

If you choose to sign up to an online survey account, specific privacy terms apply that require consent when you sign up. These are listed in the terms and conditions of the account contract at registration/purchase.

Your IP address is logged by our web-hosting software in order to carry out anonymous statistical analysis by IP address, and to use IP address to check for or block spam (as permitted by GDPR). We do not attempt to identify any individual or personal information by IP address, so you remain anonymous.

Under GDPR, if you make contact with us with an enquiry or question we will retain a copy of your communication and email and any treat any correspondence as a 'legitimate interest' or connected to a contract.

If you take part in a survey or research, then we have obtained confirmation that consent to take part has been obtained from our partner or client. We do not use any marketing lists containing personal information unless consent has been obtained. All data from surveys is analysed anonymously as per Esomar's code of conduct.

If you use any of our software or survey tools to collect personal data, then you warrant that such data collection is done within the rules of GDPR.

If we send out marketing materials, we may send it to an unidentified individual by job title only. We do not send to named individuals unless a business connection has already been made or consent has been given.

For queries related to data protection, please contact or use our contact form

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