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Smarter question types for better questionnaires

Cxoice brings smarter questions that allow respondents to make choices about what they answer and how they answer. Hot-cold questions that allow unforced ratings not just of text, but images and audio-visual content. Menu-driven questions that allow respondents to answer what they like, not what the researcher says. Advanced trade-off questions like conjoint and brand-price-trade-off or MaxDiff.

  • Advanced methods and innovative survey questions and approaches
    • Conjoint design (including orthogonal designer) for choice, rating, ranking tasks
    • Full BPTO and dynamic pricing-testing modules in multiple currencies
    • Menu-driven structures with sections allowing respondent-driven question order (non-linear questionnaires)
    • Shared-view/Complete-together options for combination phone-web interviews (WATI)
    • Active questions with timers and movement
    • Socialised questionnaires with commenting
    • Website overlays and integration into live customer journeys
    • Fully capable e-commerce mock-up for research
  • Integration with external data sources
    • Integration with survey panels or company data
    • Integral database data upload to bring known data into the survey
    • Full ID check system for sample control
    • Exportable data to multiple formats

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