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For businesses that need to collect customer specifications via a website, for instance for quotation calculations, member sign-up, administrative purposes, or employee paperwork, Cxoice standalone HTML questionnaires can be added to your website directly without needing a connection to a Cxoice server in the background. Cxoice makes it easy to build online forms with calculations and checks, and to edit and update them over time without needing specialist web-development skills.

Cxoice can create standalone data collection forms direct from the Questionnaire Creator using the save to HTML option.

The HTML questionnaire that can include logic, calculations routing across multiple pages, exactly like a normal questionnaire but runs independently, and so can be uploaded to a website directly - just a small data connection script if you need to save the data on your system.

For companies providing quotes and estimations, this means you can collect the data you need directly on your website, with the ability to automatically show calculations and prices if the business wants. The same type of forms can also be used by employees in place of Excel sheets or other ad-hoc estimation systems making it easier to check that all the relevant detail has been collected and entered using Cxoice's check logic and multi-page structure.

Similarly, for companies and organisations who use forms for internal or external administration, Cxoice can be used to easily create electronic forms online on an intranet or outward facing website, with checks and logic and pages to help streamline data collection, while still being easy to edit and maintain over time. Our Questionnaire Creator makes it easy to build and use forms with no longstanding cloud-based subscription or software package required. All it needs is our simple Cxoice Data Connector running on your own website.

For more advanced users, the full Cxoice system can also be integrated as an overlay to your current website. We can add questions or feedback points on top of your existing systems without requiring recoding, for instance to rate areas on the website, or to gather visitor views or demographics. Cxoice delivers data collection that goes beyond surveys.

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