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Cxoice can create questionnaires in a number of display styles from simple page-by-page to more complex animated forms such as pianoroll, carousel or even move across a linked SVG background. All pages can have bespoke CSS added and can include images and video content within the question or within answers.

Customise designs with CSS and HTML

Design in Cxoice Questionnaire Creator is based on images and videos that you can upload, CSS style sheets that can be added to tailor the layout and our PrestFlower presentation-flow software.

Images can be used in the body of text using standard HTML 'img' tags, or the Notanant %%image system. Similarly images can be used within codes for question options. Our Hotcold Question type was specifically designed for collecting ratings and preferences from a large image set, quickly and intuitively.

Add styles per page

The Page break options can include CSS for specific pages to refine layouts or highlight specific elements - such as hover overs. If you need more customised interactivity then Javascript can be added via the javascript question type. Each survey can also have its own CSS stylesheet for repeat surveys or to enforce a corporate style.

PrestFlower - flowing designs for visual impact

Layout designs using the PrestFlower display format can be selected from the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator select the Wizard... option, and select Design options. This gives the ability to use our PrestFlower display mode for local display which will make the questions appear on a dynamic, animated basis.

You can also add an SVG background by including an SVGbackground question in the questionnaire. The text should include SVG code - not a file - and questions can be attached to certain places on the SVG file as seen in our EU City Quiz example.

There are some restrictions on using this mode for online surveys, but it can be used for HTML Questionnaires.

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