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Publishing, Registering and logging-in

To use your Cxoice questionnaire online, they need to be 'Published' to your account. This means you will need to register and subscribe and be logged-in to be able to upload your questionnaire into your project area, from where you can set it to 'live' for collecting data online. For surveys that are run locally on your computer, or HTML questionnaires or forms there is no need to register, or to log-in to Cxoice.

Online surveys need an account

To run a online survey, the survey itself needs to be hosted online with a link that can be sent to participants or panellists to ask them to take part. As answers are collected, the data is collated and stored on the server so that it can be monitored, and then analysed statistically. The first stage of this process is to Publish the questionnaire to a project area on the Cxoice System.

Publishing requires registering on Cxoice and providing some personal information to conform to GDPR requirements. Once you are registered you can choose a free account, which gives enough space for one project, with a single-person log-in, or to subscribe to a larger account which allows for more projects, surveys and log-ins with tools for more detailed analysis, sample set up and potentially interviewers, quota control and appointment management.

You can use the questionnaires you create without registering, but only only via the Questionnaire Creator, or as an HTML-based questionnaire. This is suitable for small face-to-face projects where data will be accumulated and analysed by hand in tools like Excel.

Publish and sign up

The 'Publish Survey' link will take you through the registration or subscription process as you get your survey online. Once registered, use the Log-in option to log-in to your client area.

From your client area you will have tools and access to set your survey to live, to monitor it and to analyse and download the final data. You will also use an enhanced Questionnaire Editor with more options for handling and viewing live data as it comes in online.

Corporate packages

For larger companies needing bespoke options with multiple log-ins and client areas, contact us about a corporate account.

We can also provide private managed server options for businesses looking to have dedicated systems fully under their control behind their corporate firewall.

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