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Instant presentations and live-data reporting

Cxoice surveys deliver instant, live-data presentations. Results instantly charted, that can be examined and drilled-down directly to allow for exploring in more detail. Live-data charts can also be filtered for automated report generation for different audiences, and exported to Powerpoint or pdf's for static archives.

Advanced users can blend survey charts into in-line training materials with checks, tests and comments for staff development and awareness building. Making the report active, and not just something else to browse.

Automatic presentations

  • Example of live data charts straight from Cxoice Advanced reporting, presentation and results dissemination capabilities
    • Instant report generator for tabulations, charts and dashboards
    • Report editor for full control on report design and output
    • Live-data dashboards with dynamic filters for custom views
    • Live-data full presentations including audio commentary capabilities
    • Instant data Tabulations creation and editor with significance testing
    • Automatically generate Powerpoint or Excel output
    • Feedback on feedback for voting, data-sharing and expectation testing
    • Reports that can be run on different data extracts for interims

Monitoring and data quality management

  • Management and reporting integration
    • Survey monitor with live survey status and live frequency counts
    • Data export at any time to Excel or spreadsheets
    • Full CATI appointment manager for interviewing teams with sample blocks, sample allocation and quota control
    • CATI interviewer time and completion manager
    • Sample upload and outcome manager
    • Full data extract editor while maintaining source data integrity

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