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Powerful, instant-use survey design

Cxoice Insight Platform allows you to create and edit surveys directly online. No software needed, no sign up required and no need to start in Word 'on paper' - go straight to screen. Build from scratch or start with our Questionnaire Wizard and build surveys with all the traditional question types, plus routing and calculations and text-substitution. All online, without needing to sign-up or software to install.

Anyone can create and edit surveys with the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor, building and sharing questionnaires for instant on-screen questionnaire development. Copy and paste into Word if you need a paper copy. Save and share questionnaire definition files directly with team members, or sign up for one of our product packages for full-power online surveys from basic one-off testers, all the way through to full research agency, or insight management team level with interviewers and multiple languages.

  • Cxoice delivers instant online questionnaires for anyone to use
    • Traditional market research question types (single, multiple etc)...
    • ... plus advanced choice-based question-types (hot-cold, autotext, click-to-rank)
    • Full responsive design (for use with mobile phones etc)
    • Routing and skip patterns per page
    • In-survey calculations and text piping
    • Incorporate into webpages or for sign-up forms
  • Professional survey tools for research teams
    • Fully customisable look at feel to match corporate style via skinnable look
    • Randomisable lists, questions and sections
    • Dynamic text substitution and integration with existing databases
    • Advanced and bespoke question types including video, images and audio
    • Full audit-trail recording (even when someone changes their mind, the original is retained)
    • Background data-stream capture includes response order and timing
    • Designed for web use, or for phone use with an interviewing team (CATI)
    • Mixed-mode web-assisted interviewing available
    • Upload sample with external data, and optional unique ID urls
    • Add interviewers, set sample blocks and use quota management
    • Client and project based areas for document storage and sharing
    • Controllable permission-based access at all levels.

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