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Built-in project and customer insight management

Surveys are automatically organised into project areas for uploading and sharing documents and project notes in addition to the survey itself.  With permission-based access control, teams can work collaboratively on questionnaire design 'on-screen', while keeping the process on track with calendars and support documents.

Naturally work with teams and projects

Project areas for team and management For teams working with multiple projects, Cxoice has a built-in natural project-based structure. Not only do you have the survey online, but also project space for uploading documents, saving and sharing results, collating and curating the project documents among authorised team members.

Agencies with accessible client areas

For agencies, Cxoice can be set to have client-areas and client-projects allowing clients to log-in to access, share or upload data and responses just for the projects they are involved with. Everything is permission-controlled, so the choice of how to manage the project and what to share or not share is yours. Cxoice just makes it easy to organize among different team members, even with permissions being allocated by role.

Clients curating documents and project data beyond the survey

For clients, where a survey is often part of a bigger project effort, Cxoice enables the research team to collate and curate all the data around the project, not just the survey research part. Product plans, competitor information and supporting secondary research can all be incorporated in the same project structure with tools for search and retrieval. Team members can have different levels of access, and areas such as final results or data can be shared with internal colleagues without getting lost in a mass of documents.

Sharing and customising final results

Cxoice also allows for survey outputs to be filtered automatically, and can offer automated summaries to allow for presentation materials that are tailored by region or job function and dedicated dashboards targeted to different users.

Contact us for more information on how Cxoice goes beyond surveys to deliver full research-based projects.

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