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Serverless questionnaires and forms

Questionnaires can be generated and used without needing a connection to a Cxoice back-end server for offline forms, or use on third party websites. Our standalone forms and questionnaires have all the standard features, like pagination, routing, text-piping and calculations and can be used off-line or website tools for quotes, forms or private data collection.

Surveys without a server connection

X1_1_features_serverless1.jpg Both online survey and telephone interviewing require a central server to administer the survey and to collect and validate the data, and as a result they need a full-time connection to the internet.

Server-less surveys work independently, without this connection, for instance allowing interviewing in areas where there is little or no internet connection, or for use in free or low-cost small scale surveys where information is captured to phones and tablets such as student's face-to-face research projects which can be done for free, with no sign-up required.

Serverless surveys are private surveys

One major benefit of server-less surveys is that personal data remains private on the device at all times, and is not shared or passed on to a centralised storage centre. For topics on sensitive areas this means absolute privacy can be guaranteed, and data only shared or uploaded at the end of the interview with appropriate consent.

Serverless surveys integrated into third-party websites eg for quotation forms

Since server-less surveys run as self-contained HTML & Javascript, they can be easily incorporated as 'pages' into existing websites. For instance as quotation generators, quizzes, checklists, recipes, step-by-step guides, or even as surveys with the addition of a small piece of code as a data-collector to read and collect the data from the questionnaire.

A Cxoice HTML questionnaire makes it possible for instant online job estimation for trades professionals, or as quizzes for school use, where data cannot leave the school's control.

Server-based or Serverless - you choose

Cxoice gives the option of server-based or serverless surveys, giving you the benefit of control over data collection, data protection and privacy controls.


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