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Forms and data collection online

Cxoice doesn't have to be just used for surveys or questionnaires. Cxoice can also be used to simplify and automate the creation of online forms for instance, where sign up or consent is required, for online quotations which involve multiple calculations based on size or package options, or for online ordering such as an easy-to-change menu for restaurants, or tablet-based order taking for wait-staff.

To use Cxoice Forms online, you will need to include a 'Data Connector' question at the end of your form. Then save an HTML version of your questionnaire and upload this to your website, together with a data connector script so the website can capture and store, or email, the data. All of this is available direct from the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator.

We have a generic data connector script available in PHP. Contact us and we'll send you a copy.

The ease of editing means that Cxoice can be used to quickly set up useful tools like an ordering system for a restaurant, that allows the restaurant to update their menu day-by-day.

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