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Advanced features and fully customisable data collection

Cxoice can be used at a number of different levels. For everyday use, the Survey Editor is a fast and easy way to create Cxoice-based Surveys. However, advanced features like Conjoint Analysis or MaxDiff, heatmaps and image and video-based questions are only available online, to signed up customers. For customers who need to go beyond the everyday, all Cxoice surveys can be fully scripted and customised, with unique question types, complex layouts such as e-commerce mock-ups, or features like injection into running websites.


We describe Cxoice as Insight Technologies because it's modular design allows Cxoice to be used in different ways, with different elements according to the type of project and what is needed.


For base-level users Cxoice provides a full online survey-editor that captures the majority of needs of most regular survey and questionnaire writers. Surveys can be created quickly and easily using the editor and questionnaire wizard. With a Cxoice account, surveys can be uploaded to create live web-surveys, with automated counts, reporting and charting.

Advanced survey types

Signed-up clients have the option to include advanced survey types like Conjoint Analysis, MaxDiff or BPTO. These are only available for online or WATI based surveys. Our Conjoint Designer allows for a full range of custom designed conjoint methods including options like price-deltas, bespoke layouts (to mock up real product experiences), and textual-noise.

CATI and telephone interviewing

The base level can be augmented with options for CATI, including adding interviewer accounts, log-ins, supervisors, sample upload with sample-blocks, quota management and overall monitoring of calls and interviewer hours. Surveys can be set up as pure CATI, always with remote-working (WFH), or run to all for web-assisted telephone interviewing.

Fully custom designs to any look and feel

All of the Cxoice based surveys can be run via our back-end scripting platform, giving complete control over the technology behind the questionnaire. We can create novel question types - eg with timers, animation. We can make the questionnaire mock-up an e-commerce store. We can also inject surveys into live running websites. Novel uses might include rate-and-review where someone completes a survey, then reviews the results from others and updates their answers.

Our systems maintain a full audit-trail, and can be used where data-entry is monitored or verified without losing the original data entry, such as in clinical trials.

Knowledge management and Community Building

Cxoice incorporates permission-based access and knowledge management structure from Notanant, our membership and community platform. This provides sign-up, registration, personal profiles, calendars, messaging for individuals, plus permission-controlled access to project areas, and facilities such as forums and commenting.

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