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Cxoice Survey Systems are scalable - from simple student surveys for off-line use, to complex mixed mode phone and web-surveys with interviewers, sample and quotas for research agencies, to full blown insight management platform for project teams, permission-based access and live data presentations.

Anyone can create and edit a questionnaire instantly with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator with no need to sign up or register, and no software to install. Cxoice is efficient because you can design straight-to-screen, instead of using a Word document, and share the questionnaire designs freely for collaborative working and testing, cutting out scripting and data processing steps from your design process.

  • Community edition
  • Free, fully function surveys for offline use. Perfect for small organisations or student groups where data will be collected face-to-face or by email. Questionnaires are multi-page, with fully routing control. Data can be accumulated and downloaded to Excel or viewed as frequency counts. And it's all free. No software to install, no sign up needed. Just create your questionnaire using the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator or get started quickly by using the Questionnaire Wizard, edit, write and start collecting data.

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  • Executive edition
  • Create live online surveys to collect data from customers and consumers. Build the survey with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator , then publish it to the web, where you can send links or connect it to an internet panel. Designed for ad hoc professional researchers, prices start from $50 per month

    Get instant tabulations, and live-data reporting as standard. Monitor and control access via unique IDs and quota controls. Cxoice keeps project files, documents and allows team access with permission control.

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  • Company edition
  • Our premium Company Edition for agencies or for clients, provides a full featured Cxoice Insight Management platform as a dedicated cloud- or server-based system. Run surveys. Build communities. Create panels. Tailor the platform's look-and-feel. Share insights with full access-controlled knowledge management system. Your company Cxoice Insight Platform runs on a dedicated cloud-based server branded to your company or organisation with access and log-ins for staff and, for agencies, for client access. Pricing is per server, not per user because everyone in your company should have access to research.

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