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About marketing research stand Cxoice Insight Software is extendable end-to-end survey system for collecting, analysing, reporting and sharing data from market research and market intelligence, from basics to advanced users, companies and teams.


Developed by researchers for research

Cxoice has a heritage in advanced questionnaire and survey design. It evolved out of in-house software development used by research who had a need for surveys that went beyond standard point-and-click type surveys, for things like conjoint analysis and trade-off research.

Cxoice evolved to solve problems like how to do product and pricing surveys by phone for B2B research, or how to capture banks of visual preferences rapidly and efficiently, and how to make choices more realistic to better understand what customers would buy. We solved the problems creating solutions like web-assisted telephone interviewing, and non-linear/self-service questionnaires. We created new, much more visual questions types and new ways of using questionnaires that go beyond old-school tick-box questions that still look like they were designed for use on paper.

Along the way, Cxoice made the survey process faster and more efficient. Surveys were always designed straight to screenand clients review on screen (with Word for edits) which keeps a focus on realism and the participant experience, removing the scripting or DP step. Tabulations and charting is built-in and automated for fast turnaround data, with live-data presentations that facilitate drill-down so data queries can be answered in real-time.

Cxoice also has a focus on data quality, with a traceable and auditable data trail using a layered data approach that keeps the whole data journey clean and replicable from monitoring, to data extracts and exports, to editing and coding.

Designed for speed and efficiency

Cxoice has been in active in-house use for more than a decade, but it wasn't until some of our partner fieldwork companies asked to use Cxoice for their projects that we moved from a script-based system to one with a user interface that anyone can use.

One of our key design criteria for the user interface was that it had to be faster than scripting. The result is that the Questionnaire Creator is designed for workflow and speed, without the continual need for point-and-click settings, and ensuring that you can always see and review the flow of the questionnaire.

Cxoice builds on Notanant, our community management and knowledge management platform, which provides team-management capabilities, role-based permission-based access, project areas and document management.

The result is a system that is full, rich featured, and designed to solve real research problems, but that continues to be extendable and in development, as our own in-house team use it for in-depth market research that goes beyond the conventional.

Contact now for more information, help around Cxoice, or for options for customisation and development.

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