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Cxoice was developed because market research needed a survey system that made writing questionnaires efficient and effective, and also needed to be able to create advanced types of questions in creative ways to improve user experience, such as conjoint analysis, and advanced question types.

This section has real questionnaire examples to illustrate what Cxoice can do. Each example comes with the working questionnaire definition file, which can be opened directly in the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor (live editor with no software to install). Edit and play with the questionnaire designs, so you can experiment with Cxoice, and use it to create the questionnaires, surveys and forms you need.

Basic question types - examples

Cxoice provides 50 question types as standard covering the basics - text, single, multiple question types - to more advanced. Here we show all the questions for the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor. Our advanced Cxoice 'Fully-Scripted' for complete control, includes a wider range including video, audio, heatmaps, while our development team provide fully-bespoke question and survey development including mock-ups and integrations.

Routing and piping examples

Cxoice includes routing and skip to patterns, and 'text piping' - inserting text from from an answer to one question into another question. The examples in this section provide a look at routing and piping in the Cxoice Questionnaire Editor. Try the example to understand the questionnaire, then click View in Editor to see how the routing and piping is done within Cxoice.

Presentations and quizzes

Cxoice can be used for more than just questionnaires or forms. The page-by-page approach can be combined with our 'prestFlower' presentation system for Prezzi style presentations for online learning, quizzes or sharing information. And unlike static presentations, it can include questions, tests, routes and flow charts so you can add learning and validation questions, or voting on options.

Forms and data collection online

Cxoice doesn't have to be just used for surveys or questionnaires. Cxoice can also be used to simplify and automate the creation of online forms for instance, where sign up or consent is required, for online quotations which involve multiple calculations based on size or package options, or for online ordering such as an easy-to-change menu for restaurants, or tablet-based order taking for wait-staff.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Almost all businesses want to check they are meeting their customers' needs, here are several different approaches to measuring customer satisfaction from a very simple 'net-promoter'-like two question survey, to more formal customer satisfaction measurements, to more modern menu-based satisfaction checks where your customer can pick and choose what they tell you about instead of trying to rate everything. With HTML option, your satisfaction survey can easily be integrated into your website, or used as part of a sign off process for staff in the field.

Measuring marketing effectiveness

Marketing is effective if it gets your business noticed, so to measure marketing effectiveness you need to get feedback from your customers and prospects to see if they are aware of your products and services, and whether they would consider purchasing from you. Our example marketing effectiveness surveys measure advertising and brand awareness, and ask the obvious checks like where someone heard about you.

Employee engagement

Great companies grow because they have great employees who give their best for the business. In return, the business needs to look after those employees. Cxoice can be used for employee engagement questionnaires, as a structure for annual or project-based assessements, or for simpler situations like gathering suggestions or votes on new initiatives, or for mundane things like holiday forms or sickness reports.

Advanced Question Examples

Cxoice was originally developed in order to create advanced surveys using conjoint and trade-off analysis, and to use advanced question types and survey methods that go beyond simple point and click questions. As a result we have a library of more advanced questions and implementations - including live website overlays, shared screen web-assisted telephone interviewing, e-commerce mock-ups, augmented reality overlays, live integration with web-data. And of course we design and build bespoke questions and approaches as required.

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