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Why Cxoice?

Cxoice Survey Systems gives you instant questionnaires and forms for use in surveys or other forms of data collection, on-line or offline.

Build a questionnaire instantly with the Cxoice Questionnaire Creator with no need to sign up or register, and no software to install, just click and start building.

  • Powerful, instant-use survey design
  • Create and edit surveys directly online in Cxoice. No software to download, no sign up required and no need to start in Word 'on paper'. Build surveys with all the traditional question types, plus routing and calculations and text-substitution. All online, without needing to sign-up or software to install.

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  • Instant presentations and live-data reporting
  • Deliver instant, live-data presentations of your survey with automated charts, that can be drilled into for exploring in results in more detail, or filtering for specific audiences. Export to Powerpoint or pdf's for static archives, or blend survey charts into in-line training materials with checks, tests and comments for staff development and awareness building.

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  • Smarter question types for better questionnaires
  • Use smarter questions that allow respondents to make choices about what they answer and how they answer. Hot-cold questions that allow unforced ratings not just of text, but images and audio-visual content. Menu-driven questions that allow respondents to answer what they like, not what the researcher says, or advanced trade-off questions like conjoint and brand-price-trade-off or MaxDiff.

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  • Built-in project and customer insight management
  • Surveys are automatically organised into project areas for uploading and sharing documents and project notes in addition to the survey itself.  With permission-based access control, teams can work collaboratively on questionnaire design 'on-screen', while keeping the process on track with calendars and support documents.

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  • CATI for All Sizes - outbound call manager
  • Cxoice Outbound Manager is a web-based cloud solution for outbound telephone interviewing and contacts (CCaaS), allowing an team - small or large - working from home (WFH), or in the office, have a full range of tools for telephone interviewing whether for quantitative research, outbound call management or qualitative recruitment.

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  • Serverless questionnaires and forms
  • Questionnaires can be generated and used without needing a connection to a Cxoice back-end server for offline forms, or use on third party websites. Our standalone forms and questionnaires have all the standard features, like pagination, routing, text-piping and calculations and can be used off-line or website tools for quotes, forms or private data collection.

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  • Fully customisable data collection, web-overlays and mock-ups
  • Cxoice is a platform that grows with your needs with routing and formulae and advanced features like Conjoint Analysis or MaxDiff, heatmaps, card sorts and visual and video-based questions. Go beyond simple tick-box surveys and use web-overlays, custom page design for e-commerce mock-ups, and smarter and unique question types for more realistic data collection.


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  • Customer Communities for Customer Experience development
  • Cxoice can be incorporated into a complete customer experience platform, including customer communities, and customer knowledge management. Cxoice is based on a membership management platforms and can be integrated with existing CRM, or used directly as a CRM platform.

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  • Datastream data capture for pooled data and audits
  • Cxoice uses a 'datastream' approach to data capture which means that data can be easily pooled across surveys, making it easier to aggregate data for a bigger picture. The datastream means all responses are captured and allows companies running large numbers of surveys to combine or blend survey data from one survey to the next, to actively monitor and correct data without losing the source data, and to combine survey data with other data sources for deeper analysis.

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