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Cxoice is a universal end-to-end survey platform that can be used for online, phone and offline surveys, in addition to call-centre management and onsite questionnaires and forms. For simple surveys, just send out a link to invite people to take part. For more advanced users, Cxoice can be used with any sample panel providers for consumer research with URL links, or can be used with uploaded sample and ID-controlled access where confidentiality is required.

  • Customer surveys
  • Customer surveys are one of the most common business uses for market research, particularly for understanding customer satisfaction and quality of service. Cxoice makes it easy to create customer research surveys, starting with our Questionnaire Wizard. For advanced users, you can look at our menu-based surveys where the customer chooses which sections to answer. You can even add a Cxoice survey to your website for onsite feedback.

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  • Membership surveys
  • Voluntary organisations such as sports or charities are mostly membership-based. The members set the direction for the organisation and the organisation provides services to those members. For small clubs or organisations, a show of hands is often sufficient, but as the club or organisation grows it becomes more difficult to engage directly with members. This is where a member-poll and member-feedback can help. Cxoice makes it easy to create and test new ideas, take votes, or to gather members opinions and feedback.

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  • Employee engagement
  • Large companies rely on being a good place to work in order to attract and retain the best staff and talent. The processes for ensuring employees are treated well and engaged while also contributing to organisational success are often key elements in ensuring that customers are also satisfied. Cxoice provides options for employee feedback either through surveys, or by self-managed feedback with summary dashboards and flag-systems.

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  • Consumer research
  • Consumer research is often the first thought when thinking about survey systems. For Cxoice it is one of the uses available providing links in and out to panel providers for fast turnaround surveys, and in providing advanced question types such as conjoint-analysis for more in-depth research. Cxoice is platform neutral, so we do not favour any particular panel provider and can be integrated with any preferred supplier.

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  • Web-site integrations
  • For businesses that need to collect customer specifications via a website, for instance for quotation calculations, member sign-up, administrative purposes, or employee paperwork, Cxoice standalone HTML questionnaires can be added to your website directly without needing a connection to a Cxoice server in the background. Cxoice makes it easy to build online forms with calculations and checks, and to edit and update them over time without needing specialist web-development skills.

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